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FemTouch vaginal rejuvenation is a nonsurgical treatment that can help to diminish vaginal laxity and eradicate or lessen symptoms of vaginal atrophy including vaginal dryness, sexual discomfort, stress urinary incontinence, as well as unpleasant itching and/or burning sensations. At our Metairie and New Orleans, LA practice, we are proud to offer this innovative treatment option for women who are suffering from unpleasant vaginal symptoms that can occur after/during childbirth and menopause. Using a fractional CO2 laser, FemTouch helps to increase the production of collagen in the vaginal area to restore elasticity and tightness.

FemTouch works by applying the fractional CO2 laser to the vaginal mucosa stimulating the body’s regenerative processes. This process increases blood supply and collagen to the vaginal mucosa restoring integrity and elasticity, as well as the proper pH levels of the vaginal tissue. By restoring a healthy and youthful vaginal environment, many symptoms of childbirth and menopause improve or simply disappear.

To learn more about nonsurgical FemTouch treatment, contact our practice to schedule your initial consultation.   

Vaginal Atrophy Symptoms

FemTouch is a quick, nonhormonal, nonsurgical treatment for symptoms of vaginal atrophy, urinary stress incontinence, and vaginal laxity often associated with menopause and pregnancy including:

  • Painful intercourse
  • Vaginal dryness, burning, or itching
  • Vaginal laxity due to loss of elasticity and tone (known as laxity or vaginal relaxation syndrome)
  • Stress urinary incontinence or urgency
  • Recurrent bladder infections (UTIs)
  • Vaginal or vulva pain
  • Reduced sensitivity and sexual arousal
  • Changes in external vaginal appearance

The most common cause of vaginal atrophy is a decrease in estrogen, which is essential for maintaining the health and function of the vaginal and urinary systems. This happens naturally just before and after menopause. The natural decline in estrogen will often exacerbate damage that may have occurred as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, or other factors. However, any women at risk of being in a low or suppressed estrogen state can suffer vaginal atrophy symptoms, including younger women following:

  • Prolonged progesterone only contraception
  • Prolonged breastfeeding
  • Ovarian failure and induced menopause 
  • Breast cancer medications/treatment
  • Surgery where ovaries are removed
  • Stress, depression, and/or strenuous exercise

While many menopause symptoms like hot flushes will pass in time, vaginal atrophy does not usually resolve and can worsen over the years, causing a consequent decline in comfort, intimate activities, and quality of life. It is important for women to realize that these symptoms are very common and treatable.

Treatment Technique

The FemTouch procedure typically takes about 15 – 30 minutes to complete. The internal vaginal mucosa and the external vaginal area can both be treated during the same session depending on the issues we are addressing. A gentle, brief vaginal exam with a speculum will be performed and the vaginal pH will be measured prior to treatment. A lubricated, sterile probe will be inserted and the laser will be applied to the entire vaginal wall. In the case of external treatment, we can provide a topical numbing cream to eliminate any discomfort.

What to Expect

There is no downtime associated with a FemTouch treatment and patients can return to their normal daily activities upon leaving our office. It is recommended that you refrain from intercourse for at least three days after treatment. Any additional aftercare instructions will be given you to you post treatment. 

Most patients experience significant improvement after just one FemTouch treatment. However, optimal results may be achieved through a series of treatments. Some patients report improvement within days, but the effects are more noticeable after a few weeks with the remodeling of collagen in the vaginal mucosa and continue progressively for six months. While initial results can be seen after one treatment, it typically takes anywhere from 2 – 4 treatments to notice optimal results. Treatments also are recommended to be spaced about 4 – 6 weeks apart. At your initial consultation, a customized treatment plan will be conducted to meet your specific goals. We also recommend maintenance treatments every 1 – 2 years.

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With FemTouch nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation, you can experience relief from unpleasant vaginal symptoms that can occur with childbirth and/or menopause. At our practice, we want to help you look and feel your best through innovative treatment methods, such as FemTouch. Contact us today to learn more about state-of-the-art FemTouch treatments.

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