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You could buy over-the-counter facial products to have a spa-like experience at home, however, you may be disappointed with the results. While spending time on yourself at home is a great way to take care of your skin, we can offer you medical-grade facials with truly rejuvenating results. Our facials at Khoobehi & Associates can be customized specifically for your skin, and our products are all prescription strength and performed under medical supervision.

The best candidates for medical-grade facials are men and women with fine lines, wrinkles, aged skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture, or sensitive skin. These candidates seek a trusted medical professional to help them achieve radiant, moisturized skin with a medical-grade facial.

Treatment Technique

In about 45 minutes, we can have your skin looking healthier, and your skin with renewed color. We will ask that you relax in our treatment room while the aesthetic technician applies the facial to your skin. A facial treatment is different for each patient, and may involve a variety of steps for optimal results, such as techniques in exfoliation, moisturizing, and correction of damaged skin. Your treatment will be decided during your consultation and skin analysis appointment.

After Treatment

Once your skin has been refreshed by our medical grade facial, you can go about your day as normal. There is no downtime associated with the facial. We recommend that you protect you skin from sun exposure and use sun screen to ward off the sun's damaging effects. You will see and feel results immediately. To keep you keep looking and feeling amazing, you should schedule regular appointments every 4 – 8 weeks.

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Facial FAQS

What Facial Is Right FOr Me?

You do not have to worry about selecting the wrong type of facial for your skin. We will analyze your skin and make recommendations based on what you need. We will guide your through the process, and help you decide what treatments you would like to have for your skin, and we won't suggest facials that would harm your skin.

What IF I Have Acne?

You can have facials if you have acne. We may use a product that is specifically for acne-prone skin to help bring down the inflammation and redness in your face, plus help heal the current acne on your skin. We will only use facial products that will help correct and heal your skin so that it looks wonderfully healthy again.

Can I DO Facials At Home?

Yes. You can buy over-the-counter products at any retail store to do a facial at home. However, you will not get the same results as with a facial at our office. We may also suggest a medical-grade at-home facial or skincare products to use on a daily basis you can purchase at our office, however, this will all be discussed at your private skin consultation and analysis. We want to offer you the solutions to your skincare needs.

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary. These prices include all associated fees including OR and Anesthesia when applicable.