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EMSCULPT: Build Muscle & Burn Fat! | Khoobehi & Associates

MSCULPT is a noninvasive treatment to help simultaneously burn fat and build muscle to sculpt and contour the body. Learn more about EMSCULPT to build muscle and burn fat at https://khoobehi.com/Procedures/Nonsu... Using HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology, EMSCULPT promotes supramaximal muscle contractions to increase and build muscle at a cellular level. With EMSCULPT, patients can achieve a more toned appearance to the abdomen or buttocks. When exposed to the forced supramaximal muscle contractions, the muscle tissue of the stomach and buttocks are forced to adapt and respond. This results in the remodeling of the inner structure of the muscle and the construction of both new protein strands and muscle fibers. To learn more about this innovative, modern treatment option for contouring and sculpting the body, contact Khoobehi & Associates in Metairie and New Orleans, LA to schedule a consultation. Doctors Kamran Khoobehi and Jules Walters are board certified in all aspects of plastic surgery with the patient's preferred outcomes and care in mind. Call Khoobehi & Associates at 504-779-5539 for a free consultation.