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Reviews for Khoobehi Associates Plastic Surgery

Our entire New Orleans and Metairie team understands that one of the most resourceful tools a future patient can use to find the right cosmetic surgeon is through online patient reviews. This feedback is often critical when it comes to making the right decision on the best plastic surgeon to use for you specific aesthetic desires and personal goals. We have compiled countless patient stories here to help you get to know our physicians a little better. We hope you find these reviews helpful. Just like with all of the patients listed here, our New Orleans plastic surgeons can help you attain the restored and refined look you've always dreamed of.

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Review from C.B.  |  Source:  |  Mar 24, 2017

Dr. Jules has a very calming manner that is very pleasant to be around. I am very pleased with the result of my surgery. More

Review from M.M.  |  Source:  |  Mar 22, 2017

Had lip filler done in office today. As always, a pleasant and professional experience. More

Review from J...  |  Source:  |  Mar 17, 2017

Dr. Walters and his staff were awesome everyone from the receptionist, nurse, coordinator, surgical staff and massage therapist were extremely friendly and receptive. Although my procedure was elective Dr. Walters ensured that my overall health was the top priority. More

Review from N.W.  |  Source:  |  Mar 16, 2017

The only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. My experience was not for a quick weight loss rather for an over-all appearance and to get me back. For twenty-five years of hiding from myself and others as a survivor of a crime, I know now I can move forward and live again. For so long I hide it from family and anyone one that new me, I'm truly thankful to Dr. Walters, it bring tears to my eyes. More

Review from S...  |  Source:  |  Mar 16, 2017

Dr. Walters is an amazing doctor who knows exactly what he is doing. He is super professional and my recovery time was about 48 hours. I absolutely love my boobs and would recommend Dr. Walters to anyone. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Mar 16, 2017

My experience was great, nothing held back. I was told what had to be done. Dr. Walters and his staff are truly awesome and always there and willing to help. Very experience and loving, caring and empathy with every situation. His work is truly awesome, it made such a different in what my body had gone through and now I have a brand new body, thanks to Dr. Walters. Love him More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Mar 16, 2017

I highly recommend Dr. Walters for breast augmentation surgery. I am beyond pleased with my results. He is very patient and meticulous in his work. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Mar 16, 2017

i was unsure of how big i wanted to go because i do workout twice a day. He gave me great feedback when I had questions and also ensured that i was happy with what i wanted prior to me making a decision. More

Review from K.C.  |  Source:  |  Mar 15, 2017

Seldom in the current medical climate can you find a professionally respected and competent physician who also possesses good manners and is able to convey a caring attitude. Dr. Walters is one of these rare birds. More

Review from N.S.  |  Source:  |  Mar 14, 2017

Dr. Walter's and his amazing team truly listened to my concerns and what I want to change with my body. I'd been in the gym and dieting for about 2 years and after losing 30+ lbs, I had a little stubborn area (just below my belly button) I could not get rid of. I came in for a consultation and I was surprised that they could give me a "cool sculpting" treatment the same day! MY results have far exceeded my expectations. I'm truly thankful. More

Review from C.D.  |  Source:  |  Mar 08, 2017

I knew I was in good hands from the moment I left my consultation with Dr. Khoobehi. He listened to me, my wishes as well as my concerns and based his course of action based on both what I wanted and what he thought would be best for me. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Mar 07, 2017

Experience was awesome. Dr Walters is very knowledgeable and made this experience very enjoyable. I am happy with the results of surgery which included a tummy tuck, liposuction and fat transfer. I would highly recommend Dr Walters for any future patients. More

Review from D.C.  |  Source:  |  Feb 23, 2017

I had a wonderful experience with Dr.Walters and the staff at the office as well as at the surgical center. More

Review from M.T.  |  Source:  |  Feb 23, 2017

Amazing!!!! More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Feb 14, 2017

Dr. Walters was optimistic that liposuction, not abdominoplasty, was an option for me. I admit I was skeptical, because he was the only doctor I had consulted that felt this way. I am so glad I took the leap of faith, because he was skilled enough to do precisely what he promised. He beautifully sculpted a problem area, giving me exactly what I wanted: a body in proportion to itself. Follow-ups have been frequent and thorough. We might do a little bit of adjusting down the road, but I am absolutely thrilled with my results. I would recommend Dr. Walters to anyone, and should I need anything done in the future, I would not go to anyone else. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Feb 13, 2017

I'm thrilled with my results. It was worth every penny. More

Review from S.W.  |  Source:  |  Feb 09, 2017

I had a wonderful experience with everyone, excellent care! More

Review from C.B.  |  Source:  |  Feb 08, 2017

My experience was better than expected. I am completely satisfied with my lip augmentation, and would recommend Dr. Walters for any of your plastic surgery needs. More

Review from A.L.  |  Source:  |  Feb 07, 2017

Dr. Walters provided me with several options for the procedures I needed. He was very kind and patient. I used his knowledge and experience to make my decisions. Now that I am fully recovered, I couldn't be happier with the results. He is a wonderful plastic surgeon. More

Review from A.M.  |  Source:  |  Feb 02, 2017

I set up consultations with three recommended plastic surgeons. Dr. Walters was the third and before leaving his office that day, I teared up. I'd found the right surgeon. I was having a mastectomy and then radiation and then reconstruction. I had a lot of questions and concerns. He explained my options, the pros and cons of each option, gave his professional opinion, and took into account my concerns. He set me so at ease right away. After the mastectomy, while still in the hospital, the nurses taking care of me all commented on how good everything looked. After the mastectomy, I had radiation and had to wait six months before reconstruction. Friends who have gone through breast augmentations or have had breast reconstruction warned me that reconstruction would be the most painful part of my breast cancer treatment. I was ready for it. But it wasn't. I didn't even feel like I'd had surgery, at all. I even asked him how it could be that I wasn't in pain. Dr. Walters is the best. More

Review from K...  |  Source:  |  Feb 02, 2017

Dr. Walters is amazing! Very professional, yet caring and attentive. After a ruptured 8 year old saline implant and many other complications, I was on the hunt for a highly recommended plastic surgeon. Which lead me to Khoobehi and Associates. By second consultation, I was convinced Dr. Walters was the one! He has given me the confidence that I had not received from first augmentation due to the many complications. Also, the staff at Khoobehi and Associates are so friendly and comforting! The entire experience was absolutely beyond my expectations. They truly care and want nothing but for you to feel great! In my case, I can say mission accomplished!! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND and will recommend to friends and family!! More

Review from E.B.  |  Source:  |  Jan 24, 2017

I had my first experience with plastic surgery at 21, and had breast augmentation with another surgeon in a different city. At the time I wanted very large breasts and was satisfied with my decision. Over the next ten years, my wants changed and I was looking for something different. I came to Dr. Walters, after hearing numerous amazing reviews, with the intent of having my implants removed, breasts lifted, and a new implant replacing the older one, as well as liposuction in various places. Through consultation and guidance from Dr. Walters, I came to the decision that I would have my implants removed, breasts lifted, liposuction, and fat transferred into my breasts and hips for a more natural and contoured appearance. I will admit that I doubted this a little bit, after all I have always wanted a large chest and who wants fat back into their body after it is sucked out?!?! I was nervous, but I trusted Dr. Walters. And, I could not be any happier that I did. I always hated the shape of my breasts and when I had my implants all I had was a larger version of what I hated. Dr. Walters took his time and changed that. He helped me achieve exactly what I was hoping for. He was caring, honest, and professional through the entire process and really made me feel like he not only cared about his work, but me too, as a patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Walters, and I am usually pretty hard to impress! More

Review from K.G.  |  Source:  |  Jan 13, 2017

From the minute I met with Dr. Walter's I knew I was in good hands. He made me feel comfortable and answered all questions I had making me have all the confidence in him to be able to perform the procedure. Everything went smoothly and the follow-up care was excellent. Whenever I had a concern I was able to easily make an appointment that day and he would put my mind at ease. I would recommend Dr. Walters to anyone! More

Review from T.J.  |  Source:  |  Jan 12, 2017

My experience with Dr. Walters has been great! I have been wanting a fat transfer for a while now and i wanted a doctor close to home that could deliver what i had in mind for my body. Dr. Walters was the fourth doctor i met with and after leaving the office i knew i want to continue with him. The consultation was not only educational but he listened to exactly what i wanted and im really happy with my results. Even after my procedure Dr. Walter stayed in contact with me making sure i was ok and that i was doing every thing to get well soon. Overall I am glad i choose the right doctor. More

Review from B.J.  |  Source:  |  Dec 13, 2016

Professional, caring, efficient. I will recommend if the opportunity affords. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Dec 12, 2016

This was my third rhinoplasty. The first two were done by a different doctor and I was just not satisfied AT ALL with the outcome. I researched plenty of other doctors around the New Orleans area and found great reviews about Dr. Walters. When I came in for my consultation, I was greeted with the friendliest staff. They make you feel right at home! After speaking with Dr. Walters I could tell he completely understood what I was looking for and how he could help. I love my results and finally feel secure with how I look. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Dec 12, 2016

The results of my breast augmentation exceeded my own expectations, which were incredibly high, to say the least. Dr. Walters went above and beyond to answer my questions and make sure I was well informed both before and after my procedure. He scheduled numerous post-op appointments to ensure I was comfortable with my results and my healing on track. I am thrilled with the results! I feel my appearance has improved as well as my confidence. I cannot overstate my gratitude to and recommendation of Dr. Walters. More

Review from E.N.  |  Source:  |  Dec 08, 2016

Dr. Walters was very informative as to options/results/expectations. Staff professional and supportive. Comfortable setting in beautiful office/surgery center. Would highly recommend to others. More

Review from M.H.  |  Source:  |  Dec 01, 2016

Dr. Walters made the process really easy going and comfortable. I am satisfied with the results and would highly recommend him. More

Review from F.M.  |  Source:  |  Nov 21, 2016

Dr. Khoobehi made recommendations that made me nervous initially; however, I am so glad I listened to him. He's completely sculpted my body into a coke bottle shape. I'm happy! More

Review from P.B.  |  Source:  |  Nov 18, 2016

Dr. Walters has completely taken all my body goals and fullfilled them! I never thought I could look this good More

Review from K.P.  |  Source:  |  Nov 15, 2016

The process, start to finish exceeded my expectations-which were high!! Dr Khoobehi and his staff are warm, caring and professional. The surgery itself, was seamless and the results, fantastic! More

Review from D...  |  Source:  |  Nov 15, 2016

Dr Walters was very professional kind and my experience from beginning to end was more than I expected!! I am very pleased with the results More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Nov 14, 2016

Simply amazing... from Doctor Khoobei's office staff to this amazing genius himself, I can not imagine a better outcome. He has changed my life drastically. I initially visited Dr. Khoobehi for a breast reduction, and never imagined what he would have in mind for me. I totally took his professional advice and had a breast reduction, lift, lipo suction of my abdomen, fat transfered to my breast and hips. WOW... the outcome is way more than I have ever expected or imagined for myself. He guided me through the entire process before and after surgery and he is just as proud of his work as I am! Dr. Khoobehi has transformed my body into the shape I have always dreamed to be! He is SIMPLY AMAZING! More

Review from L.W.  |  Source:  |  Nov 10, 2016

Office staff are very friendly and take care of your every need as if you were family. Dr. Walters is very impressive and professional as well as kind and caring. I highly recommend this surgeon. As a breast cancer survivor and patient at MDAnderson for eight months I had lots of experience with top doctors and Dr. Walters is definitely the best of the best. More

Review from J...  |  Source:  |  Nov 08, 2016

When I met with Dr. Walters me self esteem was very low, I couldn't stand to look at my body in the mirror. Now after my surgery I am more than pleased, and I can't get enough of looking at my body. The results exceeded my expectations and choosing Dr. Walters as my doctor was the best decision I have ever made. He was very well informed and he made sure that all my questions were answered and that I felt as comfortable as possible, throughout the entire process. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Nov 04, 2016

Dr. Walters and his staff are wonderful. Dr. Walters was honest with me before I had my breast augmentation surgery, on suggesting the size that was right for my body type. My results turn out to be a great success, I love them. Before surgery I was really nervous of not knowing what to expect, but Dr. Walters and his staff made me feel very comfortable. Any questions I had before surgery everyone answered me to help me be at easy. It was the best and successful experience that I went thought. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Nov 04, 2016

Excellent results and service. I have had botox in the past and my concern was with bruising and lowered brows. Jr Walters was very careful to listen to my concerns, ask me about my expectations, and offer the best solution. There was only the tiniest spot of a bruise, my brows stayed arched, and the squinting and furrowed look is gone. I am very happy and will definitely continue with Dr. Walters for my botox! Thank-you Dr. Walters :) More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Nov 04, 2016

Dr. Walters was very compassionate towards my situation and very professional. More

Review from R.D.  |  Source:  |  Oct 31, 2016

Dr. Walters is a very caring provider, with amazing attention to detail. He and his staff explained the procedure, recovery, and outcome to me very well. Results thus far have been just as promised. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Oct 27, 2016

Extremely happy! More

Review from A.D.  |  Source:  |  Oct 27, 2016

Wonderful. More

Review from A.T.  |  Source:  |  Oct 25, 2016

Dr. Walters has a great bed side manner. He went over all my options with me and explained which were best, and why. Never once made me feel uncomfortable or nervous about my decision. Even post op they are very welcoming and willing to answer any and all questions you may have. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Oct 06, 2016

At first, I was very nervous as I had never had surgery before. Dr. Walters was very kind and understanding, and offered me excellent advice on my areas of concern. After my consultation, and after answering all of my questions with detail, I moved forward with a BBL. I am a mother of three, and Dr. Walters provided very accurate expectations for my surgery. I am so happy I made the decision to move forward with this procedure! Dr. Walters has excellent bedside manner, and was reassuring after surgery by being available by phone if needed. I am now three months post op, and my friends and family comment on how amazing I look after having three babies. My shape has improved even beyond my pre-baby body. I highly recommend anyone who wants an expert in the BBL to choose Dr. Walters for this procedure. You'll be happy you did. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Oct 06, 2016

I feel and look amazing. Dr. Walters is very attentive and makes you feel very comfortable in the room. Dr. Walters even called the evening of my surgery to make sure I was feeling okay. I am very happy with my results! He is Wonderful! More

Review from M.B.  |  Source:  |  Oct 05, 2016

Wonderful, very pleased. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Oct 04, 2016

My experience was great and my results are that I look very natural and I am extremely satisfied. More

Review from V.T.  |  Source:  |  Oct 04, 2016

This has been a very pleasant experience in the face of a life threatening disease. Dr. Walters and his staff are very accommodating. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Sep 30, 2016

Dr. Walters made me feel at ease about my procedure, which I was extremely nervous about. My result is better than I even imagined, and I couldn't be happier that I chose him as my surgeon. More

Review from B.N.  |  Source:  |  Sep 29, 2016

Dr. Walters was very professional and listened to what i wanted to achieve as well as any concerns I had. He did a wonderful job and suggested fat grafting to correct my asymmetry with my chest wall. My overall result was very natural. The staff and Dr. Walters made this experience comfortable and I truly recommend him. More

Review from K.F.  |  Source:  |  Sep 29, 2016

hes very nice and professional im very happy with my results More

Review from G.D.  |  Source:  |  Sep 26, 2016

He's the best happy i choose him More

Review from P.S.  |  Source:  |  Sep 23, 2016

I was made to feel very comfortable. Love the atmosphere would recommend Dr. Walters to all my friends and family. It was worth every cent! More

Review from G.G.  |  Source:  |  Sep 23, 2016

I really liked the Koobehi office in Metarie. Everyone here is nice, professional and work quickly to help you out. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Sep 20, 2016

Very professional. Dr. Walters made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. He was always available to me for any concerns or questions. Very pleased with results. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Sep 15, 2016

Very respectful and attentive Doctor. He came into the office on a holiday to tend to me. He was very accessible over the days following my procedure and was again very kind and attentive. He's an excellent surgeon and more importantly, a wonderful human. More

Review from M.M.  |  Source:  |  Sep 15, 2016

I chose Dr. Walters based on his excellent reviews. He has exceeded my expectations in every way. From the consultation through follow-up, he has made me feel comfortable and has created a trusting relationship that I highly value. He is a caring listener, very professional, and his bedside manner is unmatched. Dr. Walters was extremely gentle in surgery and I had minimal discomfort and very little bruising post-op. If you are looking for Beverly Hills talent with Southern hospitality, then this is your surgeon! I couldn't be more pleased with my results. Thanks for making this "Backwoods Barbie" feel like a million bucks! More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Sep 14, 2016

I came in for a consultation wanting breast augmentation with implants only. Dr. Khoobehi analyzed everything suggesting that I do implants along with fat transfer because of my skin being so thin and lack of fat around the chest area. He reassured me that this would be the most natural way to go without having the implant showing through the skin. Because of how comfortable I felt with him and his desire to get the best results possible, I agree. I am completely satisfied! I love my results. He is a wonderful doctor, very professional and knowledgeable. The office staff is great as well. It has been a pleasure dealing with everyone from the office staff, doctor and surgical staff at the surgery center. I would encourage anyone interested in any type of enhancement to highly consider Dr. Khoobehi. You will not be disappointed! More

Review from M.P.  |  Source:  |  Sep 12, 2016

Over all experience was excellent. Surgery went without a hitch. Recovery was good. Dr Walters is great and very skilled. Very pleased More

Review from M.C.  |  Source:  |  Sep 12, 2016

Wonderful visits and very professional interests in my concerns. I could not be happier with the results and the follow-up care. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Sep 06, 2016

Dr. Walters was very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable. He answered all my questions honestly and helped steer my in the right direction in making the right decision for my size for my breast augmentation surgery. The entire experience was very easy and he even called me personally the following morning to check on me - something most doctors don't do anymore. I respect his opinion and his skills. More

Review from K.H.  |  Source:  |  Sep 06, 2016

So glad I chose Dr. Walters, his attention to detail is second to done. He really understood the results I was looking to achieve and gave them to me. I will continue to come to him for anything and everything else. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Aug 31, 2016

Dr. Khoobehi is very professional. I have had injectables with Dr. Khoobehi and I am very happy with my results. More

Review from T.R.  |  Source:  |  Aug 31, 2016

DR.Khoobehi is more than a doctor he make you feel like a friend. He is very helpful in every step of the way. He cares about his patients and carefully reviews all things to give you the best advice as to what procedures you may need. His work is more than work to him it is an art form. He truly is a human body sculptor. More

Review from J.M.  |  Source:  |  Aug 31, 2016

Going into this very invasive surgery I was extremely nervous. Dr. Khoobehi not only set my mind at ease but was patient and answered all my questions. My results are above and beyond my expectations and I couldn't be happier. The staff at the office was always sweet and more than happy to help me with any of my concerns or questions. I wouldn't go to any other surgeon for any work I may want done in the future. I trust Dr. Khoobehi and his staff completely and I am so grateful to them for making what can be a scary surgery, easy with A+ results. More

Review from A.L.  |  Source:  |  Aug 24, 2016

I had a great experience with Dr. Jules Walters and i am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Aug 24, 2016

Dr. Khoobehi delivers exceptional results! The entire experience was wonderful! He listens to what you are looking for and provides his professional opinion and together we decided on a plan that was best for me. I wanted fuller breasts with cleavage. I had absolutely no cleavage pre-op, just old implants that had been in for 14 years, which did not give me the look that i always wanted. Dr. Khoobehi gave me the results i only dreamed about!! He used fat from my abdomen and was able to transfer it to my chest. The combination of fat and new implants gave me nothing but the look i had only dreamed about ....AMAZING!!!! I have very full breasts and finally have cleavage!! SO SO HAPPY MY RESULTS!!!! Dr. Khoobehi is the BEST!! More

Review from A.K.  |  Source:  |  Aug 23, 2016

I thought that Dr.Khoobehi and his staff were very professional. Answered all questions and made me feel comfortable even when I was apprehensive about the procedure. Dr. Khoobehi did an excellent job with the fat grafting and my results are very natural and not over-done. More

Review from C.W.  |  Source:  |  Aug 22, 2016

Dr. Khoobehi was very professional and attentive to all of my needs and concerns. More

Review from H.B.  |  Source:  |  Aug 22, 2016

My experience with Dr Walters has been very comfortable and pleasant. He actually listens to my concerns and takes the time to fully explain everything. He gave me multiple options and helped me picked the best one for the results I wanted. I am so happy I chose Dr Walters! More

Review from T.T.  |  Source:  |  Aug 19, 2016

Dr Walters was so nice and comforting. This was my first visit and he made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed fro my procedure. The staff were very friendly as well. More

Review from A.V.  |  Source:  |  Aug 19, 2016

He is such a kind doctor who really explains the procedure to you and provided excellent results! I am very happy!! More

Review from L.V.  |  Source:  |  Aug 18, 2016

Even though Dr. K is as direct as they come, he is the greatest when it comes to cosmetic surgery and believe me, I've done my research. From my first visit to follow-up visits, his bedside manner has been consistent. Whenever, I call him..he's there. No question is too big or too small. AND MY RESULTS...are even awesome. I believe that I now have a second chance at living the life I deserve now that my outer appearance matches my inner spirit. More

Review from E...  |  Source:  |  Aug 18, 2016

In comparing my experience with Dr. Khoobehi to my previous Doctor aside from being completely satisfied with my results I was very impressed with the attention to detail certainly with symmetry and overall size. Even more so after surgery my sutures and stitches were done very well without hardly any mess to deal with. I believe this is why my recovery has been very manageable with very little pain and swelling. I highly recommend the fat graph with the breast augmentation certainly for anyone having a second procedure. My breast have a very full and natural look. Dr. Khoobehi and his staff are top notch by far in their services and treatment of their patients. Everything was professional from the start and Dr. Khoobehi and Miss Cheryl made me feel totally comfortable all the way through. I will recommend any and all my friends and family thinking of getting their breast done to use Dr. Khoobehi even if it means traveling across the country to do so. Thank you Dr. Khoobehi, Miss Cheryl, and staff. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Aug 17, 2016

Dr. Walters was great! I was really nervous about getting a breast augmentation at first, but the experience was so much better than expected. He has a wonderful bedside manner and clearly excellent skills. My results are phenomenal and I was out and about the second day, had no bruising, and very minimal pain. Overall, I am beyond happy and would recommend Dr. Walters to everyone! More

Review from D.Y.  |  Source:  |  Aug 15, 2016

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a sister who passed away in 2008 from it. I opted to get both my breast removed and needed to decide what options I had at reconstruction I decided on fat transfer injections instead of implants or flap surgery . I,m very pleased with the results and my Dr. Koobehi. His compassion during this trying time has been wonderful Everyone in his office has been very helpful and informative. I would reccomend this procedure More

Review from W.F.  |  Source:  |  Aug 15, 2016

From beginning to end Dr Khoobehi and his staff made me feel comfortable about my procedure and assured me I would be amazed with the end result. They were right! Dr Khoobehi is not just a plastic surgeon, but an artist. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Aug 15, 2016

Dr. Khoobehi is great at what he does. My confidence has sky rocketed. He is very patient and knows exactly what he is doing. Everything that I asked for or had a problem with was fixed. His staff is amazing and very pleasant. I recommend if anyone in the city of Louisiana wants to have surgery for any reason, Dr. Khoobehi is your man. Like he says he take the plastic out of plastic surgery and it is definitely true! More

Review from V.N.  |  Source:  |  Aug 11, 2016

My experience was amazing! Dr. Khoobehi as well as his entire staff are such incredible people. More

Review from D.M.  |  Source:  |  Aug 11, 2016

Dr. Walters is an excellent doctor. I have had great results. Very caring and comforting to me during this serious time in my life. More

Review from S.Z.  |  Source:  |  Aug 11, 2016

Very happy with results and will recommend Dr. Walters to all my friends More

Review from C.C.  |  Source:  |  Aug 10, 2016

good, honest and helpful More

Review from K.Y.  |  Source:  |  Aug 10, 2016

Very Professional and the procedure was perfect! More

Review from M.R.  |  Source:  |  Aug 04, 2016

Amazing work. Great bedside manner. Truly an amazing doctor. !00% recommend. More

Review from B.M.  |  Source:  |  Aug 04, 2016

Absolutely charming and highly skilled young surgeon. Skillful beyond his years. His bedside manner is exceplary All the staff are really helpful and encouraging and very friendly. I look and feel years younger than my 71 years. More

Review from S.M.  |  Source:  |  Aug 04, 2016

Dr. Walters was by far the most amazing doctor, he answered all the questions I had. After 3 days I could already see how amazing my breasts were looking! This surgery boosted my self esteem sooo much!! More

Review from B.B.  |  Source:  |  Jun 15, 2016

He always listen to considers and never rush visits. He is very nice and understanding. He never recommend things that are not needed or talk you into something that you do not want. More

Review from C.P.  |  Source:  |  May 14, 2015

Dr. Khoobehi is a miracle worker! His skill, expertise, and bed side manner are second to none! I spent many months consulting with surgeons all around Louisiana. No doctor can compare with Dr. Khoobehi. From the moment I met him, I knew that he was the best doctor I would find. I had a tummy tuck, breast lift, fat transfer to breast, liposuction, and fat transfer to my hip crease. Dr. Khoobehi did beautiful work, I wish I could explain the transformation he did with my body in words. I have a perfect hour glass shape and all of the awful saggy skin is gone. My breast are perfectly shaped and beautiful, they look so natural and perfect! I could not have asked for a more perfect experience or surgery. Every step of the way he listened to my concerns and helped me with everything I needed. I would recommend that anyone interested in plastic surgery use Dr. Khoobehi. He is the absolute best! More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  May 11, 2015

The results are even better than expected and the experience with Dr. K and his staff was wonderful. They made me feel like family. Dr. K goes above and beyond to get the best results possible. I couldn't be happier! More

Review from L.T.  |  Source:  |  May 11, 2015

My experience and Results with Dr. Khoobehi and the entire staff have been Amazing and beyond my expectations! I could not be happier with my results. More

Review from J.B.  |  Source:  |  May 07, 2015

He was so patient and did such a wonderful job on my big stomach, and my breast. I love the way he made feel about my body after surgery. More

Review from C.R.  |  Source:  |  May 07, 2015

I had a great experience at Dr Khoobehi's Office! I had breast implants along with some fat transfer to give me more cleavage and I couldn't be more happier with how they look! More

Review from V.L.  |  Source:  |  May 04, 2015

Wonderful doctor and staff. The entire experience was exactly as described to me from day of procedure through recovery. More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Apr 29, 2015

Dr. Khoobehi is a one and one, very personal doctor. He spends times with his patients and answers every question thoroughly. I have had many procedures done by him over the past 10 years and would highly recommend him to anyone. He is the best! More

Review from A.  |  Source:  |  Apr 20, 2015

I have had a great experience with Dr. Khoobehi and his staff. I was very nervous about my experience but after my first visit, I knew I would be in great hands. I would recommended his services to anyone who's looking for a breast augmentation. Great work and customer services. Thanks. More

Review from J.G.  |  Source:  |  Apr 20, 2015

I received the best treatment and care anyone could expect! All questions answered on my consult. Very pleased with results. Excellent staff! Don't hesitate to book your cosmetic surgery with Dr. Khoobehi. More

Review from A.K.  |  Source:  |  Apr 20, 2015

My experience was amazing, Dr Khoobehi is a wonderful doctor and I would return back. More

Review from S.C.  |  Source:  |  Apr 17, 2015

Awesome, overall no complaints, staff is awesome! Wouldn't go anywhere else! Very happy, made me feel like a woman again, looking forward to more! More

Review from E.L.  |  Source:  |  Apr 16, 2015

I fell great about myself inside and out at 49. I will be able to wear a pair of shorts above my knees. I have not been able to do so in 20 years. More

Review from H.R.  |  Source:  |  Apr 16, 2015

Excellent experience from start to finish! Khoobehi is a terrific surgeon and makes the whole process very easy. And the results are fantastic! More

Review from K.F.  |  Source:  |  Apr 15, 2015

Dr.Khoobehi is by far the best in the industry! My breast augmentation a year later is still beyond expectations. My husband who was against it is now Obessed with Dr. Khoobehi's work! I highly recommend also for botox. My results are very natural in a dramatic way. I am 100% a client for life. Thank you so much Dr. Khoobehi! More

Review from G.G.  |  Source:  |  Apr 15, 2015

Dr. Khoobehi is very professional and is a pleasure to visit when I have a need. More

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