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Gynecomastia in Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia is a condition in men that causes breast tissue to enlarge, giving the appearance of breasts. Dr. Khoobehi specializes in treating gynecomastia through surgical procedures. Gynecomastia can occur at any age and is often a result of hormonal changes, heredity, obesity, or the use of certain drugs.

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Average Cost

$6,500 – $10,000

Recovery Time

2-3 Weeks

Average Procedure Time

2-3 Hours

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Gynecomastia can be embarrassing, emotionally taxing, and impair a man’s willingness to have intimate contact with another person. Dr. Khoobehi offers various surgical options for treating gynecomastia, including liposuction, excision of breast tissue, and a combination of both techniques. Gynecomastia surgery removes the excess fat and glandular tissue to produce a firmer, more masculine chest. This surgery has helped countless men overcome the anxiety of exposing their chests in public.

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Surgical Technique

Mild cases of gynecomastia are corrected with liposuction. Small incisions are made surrounding the areola where suction tubes (cannulas) are inserted to extract fat and breast tissue. When the enlargement is severe, a longer incision is done to excise breast tissues and loose skin. Skin tightening may also be incorporated and the nipples repositioned so that they are proportional to the new chest shape.

During/After Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery can be completed under general anesthesia at Houma Outpatient Surgical Center (HSC) or local anesthesia at Dr. Khoobehi accredited outpatient facility. The surgery lasts up to an hour. It is normal to have bruising and swelling around the chest area for the first couple of weeks. A compression garment must be worn for about 2 weeks, under your clothes, to help with reshaping and healing. Most patients are able to return to their normal routine after a few days but must avoid any strenuous physical activities, especially ones that will put pressure on the chest.

Expected Cost

Male breast reduction surgery can average between $6,500 to $8,000 depending on the complexity of the surgical case. Dr. Khoobehi is known for his expertise and personalized approach to treating gynecomastia. He works closely with each patient to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to their specific needs and goals, ensuring that they achieve the best possible outcome.

Male Breast Reduction FAQs

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  • Is This Gynecomastia?

    This condition is not the same as a false gynecomastia, also known as pseudogynecomastia, in which the enlargement is caused by fat deposits instead of breast tissue development. Dr. Khoobehi will be able to determine this by a physical examination during the initial consultation. If it is a case of excessive fat tissues on the chest, the approach in treatment is the same when removing excess fat tissues in any part of the body. Proper diet and exercises are initially recommended before considering any surgical treatment. However, if the issue persists, a liposuction – sometimes even combined with a lift – may be performed to reshape the chest.

  • Will My Pecs Show?

    Gynecomastia, unfortunately, hides the normal chest muscles that lie underneath the layers of overdeveloped breast tissue. For those who have severe gynecomastia, it is even possible that the overgrowth of breast tissue has developed into internal scarring. With a breast reduction surgery, all excess fat and breast tissues will be removed and the pectoralis muscles will be spared so that they can become more visible. With proper diet and exercise after the surgery, men will be able to tone and strengthen their chest muscle to regain the chest’s natural form.

  • Is Lipo A Must?

    Liposuction is the primary approach in extracting fat or any soft tissues. Because it uses a small cannula to vacuum the fat out, it is a less invasive approach compared to excising the tissue, which requires longer incisions. There are liposuction options that are even less invasive. These options will be provided with more details prior to the surgical plan so the patient can consider all factors and ultimately decide which technique is preferred.

  • Will There Be Scars?

    If the breast reduction technique uses liposuction, the incisions will be minimal and will be placed around or near the areola. Dr. Khoobehi will make every effort when it comes to making the incisions and suturing to minimize the effects of scarring.

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