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CoolTone® in New Orleans, LA

Most of us want to be active and fit, but busy lifestyles limit the time we can dedicate to that. Regularly working out has many physical and mental benefits and can help you achieve a stronger body. However, many people desire a more toned and firm physique, which can’t always be achieved through exercise alone. It’s especially difficult because pockets of fat in certain body areas are more resistant to exercise, which makes it harder to lose that extra fat and get the defined muscles you want.

CoolTone® treatment is performed in New Orleans, LA, to help patients achieve firmer, stronger muscles and their body contouring goals.

These muscle contractions strengthen the body and give the muscles a more defined look.

What Is CoolTone®?

CoolTone® is a noninvasive body contouring treatment cleared by the FDA that gives patients more toned muscles. It can be used on the abdomen, glutes, and thighs to create a firmer appearance. The CoolTone® device utilizes Active Magnetic Pulse™ technology to create involuntary muscle contractions in the chosen treatment area.

woman abs and legs in oblique view

What Can Be Achieved With CoolTone®?

Some of the benefits of CoolTone® include:

  • Tones the abdomen, thighs, and glutes
  • Generates muscle contractions that the body wouldn’t be able to achieve on its own
  • Leads to stronger, firmer muscles
  • Complements your workout results

What Are My CoolTone® Options?

Treatment Areas

CoolTone® has been FDA-cleared for treating the abdomen, thighs, and glutes. During your consultation, you’ll discuss which areas you want to focus on and your desired results. While the treatment area options are the same for women and men, women and men will likely have different goals for what they want to achieve. For example, some women may wish to achieve a rounder, more feminine curve to the buttocks—so their treatment plan may consist of more sessions for the glutes than someone who may only want subtle toning in the glutes.

Number of Treatment Sessions

The number of CoolTone® treatments you’ll need will depend on your body contouring goals. Patients typically need four to eight sessions spread out over two to four weeks to get their desired muscle definition. Most patients will also require additional treatments later if they wish to maintain their results.

CoolTone® FAQs

side profile of a woman with a shapely butt

Am I a Candidate for CoolTone® Treatment?

Ideal candidates for CoolTone® are people who:

  • Are 18 or older
  • Want to target stubborn fat in the abdomen, thighs, and/or glutes
  • Are looking to strengthen their muscles
  • Want to supplement workout results
  • Are close or at their goal weight

Schedule your consultation with Khoobehi Plastic Surgery to determine if you’re a good candidate for CoolTone®.

How Is CoolTone® Treatment Performed?

During your CoolTone® session, pictures will be taken before treatment is administered to assist in tracking your results progress. Next, the applicators of the CoolTone® system will be placed on your abdomen, thighs, or glutes, depending on which body you are getting treated. The CoolTone® device will generate muscle contractions, allowing the muscles to be toned. Your treatment will take around 30 minutes to complete

How Long Is CoolTone® Recovery?

There is little to no downtime associated with CoolTone® treatment. You may feel slight muscle pain hours after treatment, but this is only temporary. Many patients can go about the rest of their day as they usually would after their CoolTone® appointment.

When Will I See My CoolTone® Results?

A few weeks after treatment, you’ll begin to see more defined and toned muscles. For many patients, full results are visible approximately three to four weeks after their CoolTone® treatment.

If you want to maintain your CoolTone® results, it is highly recommended that you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. You may also consider getting maintenance CoolTone® treatments every few months for optimal results.

Interested in CoolTone® Treatment in New Orleans, LA?

If you’re interested in defining your muscles and achieving your body contouring goals with CoolTone® treatment in New Orleans, Louisiana, call our office at (504) 779-5538 or fill out our online contact form today.

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