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DiamondGlow® in New Orleans, LA

DiamondGlow® is more than a facial. Unlike traditional wet facial treatments, which rely on chemical exfoliation to treat skin at surface level, DiamondGlow’s® patented recessed diamond tip wand delivers a next-level exfoliation treatment that deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin.

Get Ready To Glow!

At Khoobehi & Associates, we are happy to offer the latest technology of advanced facial repair systems to our New Orleans, LA clientele.

If you notice damage, dullness, or imperfections in your skin, a DiamondGlow facial maybe just the right treatment to cleanse and smooth your skin to return to its most natural state of beauty. Call our office today to set up a consultation with our skilled estheticians and get ready to glow.

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An at-home skin care routine with good products helps tremendously with maintaining a great complexion, but every now and then you may want to boost your results with a DiamondGlow® facial.

What Is DiamondGlow®?

Customized to meet the needs and concerns of your complexion, our surgeon, Dr. Kamran Khoobehi, recommends regular DiamondGlow® facials for his New Orleans, LA patients to keep their skin at its healthiest. After a consultation to determine your skin’s status and hear about your skin goals, the best approach for your DiamondGlow facial, tailored to you, will be selected to treat your skin. Our three-in-one facial combines deep cleansing, extraction, and selected SkinMedica® infusion serums to get your skin looking and feeling its best. We encourage talking with our professionals about which SkinMedica® products to take home to maintain your glowy new skin. For the ultimate facial, customize your results by adding on a complementary procedure, like a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or BOTOX®. Schedule your appointment to get a professional DiamondGlow facial at Khoobehi & Associates to bring the health and beauty of your complexion to the next level.

Diamondglow® treatment

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How Is This Treatment Performed?

After consulting with our aesthetic team on how to create your best treatment plan based on your skin’s condition and needs, you will lie back in one of our private treatment rooms as your DiamondGlow® facial begins. Every DiamondGlow® facial process will be personalized; however, we will usually begin with a deep cleansing process to clear away dirt, oil, makeup, and lotions. After cleaning the skin, we begin our DiamondGlow® three-in-one facial to target the deepest levels of skin health. Exfoliation serves to rid the skin of any impurities that lay beneath the surface layer and resisted cleaning with the cleansing treatment. Next, we perform an extraction to cleanse the skin at a deeper level and ensure the pores are clean as well. Finally, in the last step of our DiamondGlow facial, we infuse your skin with high-end skincare from SkinMedica®, relying on serums to boost nourishment to your skin and leave your skin plump, hydrated, and rejuvenated.

What Can I Expect After My DiamondGlow® Treatment?

After your DiamondGlow® facial, you may have mild redness and irritation as a result of the extractions, but this should fade on its own within 24 hours. Many patients will have clear improvements in the look and touch of their complexion immediately following their facial. To extend the results of your DiamondGlow® facial, please talk to one of our skilled team members for advice about creating a home skin care program with SkinMedica and how often you can get additional DiamondGlow® facial treatments at Khoobehi & Associates. You can also discuss other facial treatments in the same appointment, like microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

DiamondGlow® FAQs

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  • How often can I get a DiamondGlow® facial?

    Here at Khoobehi & Associates, we know that each patient’s needs are different. How your skin responds to any facial treatment and how long you notice results will differ depending on many different individual results. However, DiamondGlow treatments are designed with routine skin maintenance in mind, and we typically recommend every 2 weeks.

  • How long will my results last?

    Typically, our patients talk about the immediate results they notice with their skin, and especially when combined with a customized at-home SkinMedica regimen, patients report being happy with their results anywhere from 4 – 8 weeks. However, to optimize results and lasting skin benefits, we recommend monthly follow-up treatments to lock in your best results.

  • What makes DiamondGlow facials different from other facials?

    The three-in-one technology of DiamondGlow facials truly is similar to receiving three different treatments, all in one facial. DiamondGlow’s exfoliate, extract, and hydrate system allows this facial to separate itself from other competitors that only target one specific skin concern. In addition, this facial is recommended most for our New Orleans, LA patients who are looking to cleanse, exfoliate, smooth, and brighten their skin. Additional treatments or skin care can be recommended for those looking to add plumpness and noticeable hydration on top of their purified skin.

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