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Reviews for Fat Transfer Procedures Near Metairie, LA

Our entire Metairie team understands that one of the most resourceful tools a future patient can use to find the right cosmetic surgeon is through online patient reviews. This feedback is often critical when it comes to making the right decision on the best plastic surgeon to use for you specific aesthetic desires and personal goals. We have compiled countless patient stories here to help you get to know our physician a little better. We hope you find these reviews helpful. Just like with all of the patients listed here, our plastic surgeon can help you attain the restored and refined look you've always dreamed of.

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Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Oct 22, 2017

Fantastic Breast Reconstruction Experience! - Dr. Walters is a master and artist at his craft. I had flap reconstruction and fat grafting after a bilateral mastectomy.You literally cannot tell the I ever had a mastectomy. Dr. Walters is amazing! I highly recommend him!. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Sep 18, 2017

My results were beyond expectation!!!!!!! - Dr. Walters performed my tummy tuck, fat transfer, and liposuction. After having two boys, not only did I have extra skin hanging but I looked six months pregnant. I tried everything to flatten my stomach. I realized the only way I would get my body back was surgery. My results and my experience with Dr. Walters and his staff were beyond my expectations. I look better than I did before I had kids!!! This was the best decision I could make for myself and Dr.Walters was the best surgeon! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Jul 09, 2017

Excellent outcome would see Dr. Khoobehi again - I had implant removal with fat transfer to my breast. The outcome is amazing. I wish I would have done this sooner. Dr. Khoobehi is extremely talented and his staff is wonderful to work with throughout the process. I highly recommend. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Jun 04, 2017

Talented surgeon - I had an breast implant removal/fat transfer after an implant rupture along with abdominoplasty three months ago. Dr. Khoobehi was very clear and honest about the procedure, recovery, and the results I could expect. He achieved the results he promised me during the consultation. He is a highly respected surgeon, and now I know why. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Apr 20, 2017

Happy! - Great experience and amazing results! Had fat transfers to cheeks and forehead and rhinoplasty. Couldn't be more pleased! Subtle natural results, get comments from friends and family that I look refreshed and youthful! Very happy! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Mar 09, 2017

Experience was awesome. Dr Walters is very knowledgeable and made this experience very enjoyable. I am happy with the results of surgery which included a tummy tuck, liposuction and fat transfer. I would highly recommend Dr Walters for any future patients. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Jan 24, 2017

I had my first experience with plastic surgery at 21, and had breast augmentation with another surgeon in a different city. At the time I wanted very large breasts and was satisfied with my decision. Over the next ten years, my wants changed and I was looking for something different. I came to Dr. Walters, after hearing numerous amazing reviews, with the intent of having my implants removed, breasts lifted, and a new implant replacing the older one, as well as liposuction in various places. Through consultation and guidance from Dr. Walters, I came to the decision that I would have my implants removed, breasts lifted, liposuction, and fat transferred into my breasts and hips for a more natural and contoured appearance. I will admit that I doubted this a little bit, after all I have always wanted a large chest and who wants fat back into their body after it is sucked out?!?! I was nervous, but I trusted Dr. Walters. And, I could not be any happier that I did. I always hated the shape of my breasts and when I had my implants all I had was a larger version of what I hated. Dr. Walters took his time and changed that. He helped me achieve exactly what I was hoping for. He was caring, honest, and professional through the entire process and really made me feel like he not only cared about his work, but me too, as a patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Walters, and I am usually pretty hard to impress! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Jan 12, 2017

My experience with Dr. Walters has been great! I have been wanting a fat transfer for a while now and i wanted a doctor close to home that could deliver what i had in mind for my body. Dr. Walters was the fourth doctor i met with and after leaving the office i knew i want to continue with him. The consultation was not only educational but he listened to exactly what i wanted and im really happy with my results. Even after my procedure Dr. Walter stayed in contact with me making sure i was ok and that i was doing every thing to get well soon. Overall I am glad i choose the right doctor. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Sep 12, 2016

As a mother of a 12 month old, I thought there would never be the right time for cosmetic surgery. I was wrong! Growing up with extra-large breasts and suffering with back pain my entire life, I always dreamed of having a breast reduction. I am a 30 year old mother and am super active, but always felt like my breasts were always in the way. I had never had major surgery, and always feared anesthesia. I finally decided to start looking into the reduction process by visiting numerous doctors throughout the New Orleans area to consult with and gain their personal insight and knowledge of their procedures. I knew that I had plenty of options, but the moment I left Dr. Khoobehi???s office, I knew he was definitely the right choice for me! He is a genius! He not only made me feel completely comfortable with my decision, but he also gave me knowledge on a process I had not yet heard of??? fat transfer! Not only did I have the option to have the reduction I have always dreamed of, but I could also have the "look" of implants that I always admired on other ladies also. And that???s exactly what he did; Lipo of my abdomen area (front & back), breast reduction & lift, then placed the fat taken out by lipo into my chest cavity to give me the most amazing ??real??? boobs ever with NO IMPLANT!! He also suggested that I place some of the fat into my hips which I followed his guidance and couldn???t be any happier with my shape now! I am only 2 weeks post-surgery and I am already back to work. Dr. Khoobehi, his office personnel and his staff at the surgery center were more than helpful and professional all while making me feel very comfortable throughout this entire process. He may not be the most economical, but I PROMISE you, Dr. Khoobehi is the best! He has shaped me into the woman I have always dreamed to be and I couldn???t be more thankful to have taken this journey with Dr. Khoobehi and his team! More

Review from C. .  |  Source: Vitals  |  May 07, 2015

I had a great experience at Dr Khoobehi's Office! I had breast implants along with some fat transfer to give me more cleavage and I couldn't be more h ... More

Review from B.  |  Source: Vitals  |  Apr 08, 2014

I had a lower facelift with fat transfers to face and hands under local anesthesia in Dr Khoobehi's office. Procedure took about 3 hours and the results are incredible. At 5 weeks my post op pictures made me ask myself how in world did he do this? The fat transfers filled out the volume I had lost and made me look much younger but still like myself. He said I would look natural and I do. The skin on my hands is very thin and only a limited amount of fat can be added at one time. They look much better but I might consider a second fat transfer there. I was very nervous about doing all this but I will never worry again as he is truly great. His staff is caring and professional and the surgery team is excellent. More

Review from H.M.  |  Source: Vitals  |  May 14, 2013

I had an LA Facelift Rhytidectomy with moderate fat transfer to lips, chin, eyebrows & cheeks. Also Lipectomy in which he sucked the excess fat from under my neck . This procedure was done in his office April, 2013. I have the extreme confidence in his expertise in his field. I was treated with the utmost care before and after my procedure. He explained before the surgery what results I could expect. In 5 weeks I was healed and amazed at the difference it made. The results were better than I could imagine. His friendly manner made me feel like he was interested in my concerns. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional and knowledgeable doctor in this field. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Apr 28, 2012

I had a face lift, forehead lift and fat transfer to my upper lip, plus mold removal, etc. by Dr. Khoobehi recently and the results was perfect. I look beautiful now and don't regret a minute of downtime or expense. His surgery was excellent. He is a very talented man and he really enjoys what he does which makes a difference. His bedside manner is also very good. All of his staff were very personable to me and I will return for work on my face in 10 years when needed. Jo More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Vitals  |  Apr 16, 2012

I was referred to Dr. Khoobehi by my OB-GYN after breast implant failure (performed by a physician in another city). Instead of going with another implant and the risks associated with that, we opted for the removal of the implants and a fat transfer. I thought that Dr. Khoobehi did a fantastic job at the time, and now, three years later, I am still thrilled with the results. The look is very natural and there is no longer any obstruction on a mammogram which I thought a real plus for this procedure. More

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