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Our entire Metairie team understands that one of the most resourceful tools a future patient can use to find the right cosmetic surgeon is through online patient reviews. This feedback is often critical when it comes to making the right decision on the best plastic surgeon to use for you specific aesthetic desires and personal goals. We have compiled countless patient stories here to help you get to know our physician a little better. We hope you find these reviews helpful. Just like with all of the patients listed here, our plastic surgeon can help you attain the restored and refined look you've always dreamed of.

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Review from H.H.  |  Source: Google  |  Oct 03, 2016

I received wonderful treatment from Dr. Khoobehi and his staff. After eight years of having my breast implants, I began to experience an odd chest pain. I booked an appointment with Dr. Khoobehi, as he was the doctor who originally put my saline implants in. He informed me that occasionally, after some time, implants drop low enough that they began to push on nerves. My options were to live with the pain and discomfort or have my implants removed. I opted for removal as I had begun to be disenchanted of my big breasts long before my pain started. Dr. Khoobehi then scheduled an appointment to have my implants deflated in office. It seemed daunting, but he explained that if we were to deflate them before removing them, my breast tissue would likely adapt to their smaller size in an easier fashion- that they may just elasticize back to their pre-implant state. I could only hope for such results. The deflation was painless- a local anesthetic was used. The following one to two weeks I experienced plenty of muscle spasms as my pectoral muscles adjusted to the lack of implant. I used a skin tightening balm twice daily. My follow up appointment proved that my skin and muscles were happily adjusting to the deflation. There was mild discomfort with the empty implant shell still in the cavity in my breast. It lessened as the cavity shrunk. In the end, I waited only a few months to remove the empty shell. I was ready to be completely done with my implants! Dr. Khoobehi and staff removed my implants in office. Because we had gone the deflation route, I didn't even have to be put asleep (which I preferred, anyways). The removal may have taken all of 30 minutes- or so it seemed. I am happily healed and enjoying my smaller breasts. Thanks to Dr. Khoobehi and staff, it was as painless of a procedure as it could have been. I will certainly contact them again if I ever require another procedure. More

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